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The Waterford church of Christ is a vibrant congregation of about 325 located in the northern outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. In late 2014 they began a search to replace their retiring pulpit minister of over 25 years. Six frustrating months of searching on their own failed to produce a viable candidate that was willing to move to the area. By August of 2015, Bill Gaw, search committee chairman, knew that they were not making progress and convinced the elders to consider a new service from Minister Match, called the “Guided Search Process”.

Once hired, Minister Match implemented an aggressive marketing and networking campaign. We sent the job advertisement out in an e-mail blast to over 3,000 church leaders across the country. We developed a targeted prospect list of about 300 potential ministers who we proceed to call. We reached out to every sizeable church of Christ congregation in the greater Michigan area in hopes of gaining a referral. In total about 900 phone calls were attempted, 279 ministers were contacted and a total 20 potential candidates were produced.

In one of those calls to the Michigan congregations, we connected with Jarrod Williams, Pulpit Minister of the Metro church of Christ in Detroit.  Jarrod quickly said, “I’m not interested but you should give my brother, Kerry, a call.”  The rest, as they say, is history and Kerry was hired effective January 21, 2016.

About Kerry Williams

Kerry has been preaching for over 24 years, and his ministry has taken he, his wife Lenora, and his three children all over the United States.


He holds a Graduate Certificate from Sunset School of Preaching, a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Bethany Divinity College & Seminary, a B.S. in Bible & Ministry from Southern Christian University, and an M.S. in Bible & Ministry from Lubbock Christian University. He has also conducted post-graduate studies in Philosophy & Humanities at California State University and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Restoration History through Arkansas State University.

Kerry has been a featured speaker at numerous lectureships and other brotherhood events, and he has written for various brotherhood publications in addition to authoring several books of his own. He has been preaching for Waterford Church of Christ since April 1, 2016.

"... The book that accompanied the information was very valuable and I referred to it often during the process... I have already had the opportunity to recommend your services to another congregation and hope you all the best in the future." 

- Bill Gaw, Waterford Search Committee Chairman



I was grateful for the guidance of Minister Match through the complex and time-intensive search process. John was responsive, supportive and knowledgable. Communication was excellent and flexible around my availability as a volunteer search ...
Brandon Clark - Youth Minister Search Committee Chairman, Mesa Church of Christ
We had a very good experience with Minister Match.  This was not the first time we had searched for a minister, but it was the first time we used a search firm.  Our experience with Minister Match was a complete success.  In previous searches, we ...
Jim Holway - Minister, Sunset Church of Christ
Minister Match did an excellent job connecting me with a congregation that I would not have known about otherwise.  Don Viar did an excellent job representing my concerns to the search committee and did an excellent job communicating their concerns ...
Drew Baker - Preaching Minister, South Fork Church of Christ
I strongly encourage ministers to take advantage of the expertise of the folks at Minister Match to help put together a high quality resume. They will help you identify strong points you didn't even know you have! I am extremely satisfied with the ...
Joel Shelton - Commerce Church of Christ
Our Search Committee is so grateful that we used Minister Match when we needed to hire our new Youth Minister. Minister Match assisted us in recruiting many serious candidates (over 30) that fit what our congregation was looking for. The ...
Jorge Acebo - Search Committee Chairman, Sunset Church of Christ
We would not have been exposed to the large number of qualified candidates without the resources and expertise of Minister Match.  The search process was very organized and accomplished very efficiently with the program and schedule provided by ...
Ken Fox - Elder, Mesa Church of Christ
The Minister Match team was very professional. The entire process was very transparent. It was structured and organized, which made it a whole lot easier. I felt that the team also had a genuine concern for the Lord's church and His ministers. ...
Joshua Duboise - Family Minister, Mesa Church of Christ
The candidate pool for our need was something we had to work to develop but Don was insistent we wait for God's guidance and let it fill up when our human nature wanted to start right away. This served us well since our best qualified candidate ...
Jon Bouley - Family Minister Search Committee Chairman, Mesa Church of Christ
It was a great process for me. Minister Match did a good job of keeping confidentiality in collecting information, and the communication process was very clear. The staff was very easy to deal with and very helpful. Overall the experience was very ...
Joel Soumar - Youth Minister, Mesa Church of Christ
Minister Match helped us hire a new minister in half the time we took for our previous hire.  We used the Minister Match process which helped us build a consensus of what we wanted.  Minister Match's network then helped us to build an ...
Tom Long - Search Committee Chairman, South Fork Church of Christ

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ABC Blocks

Your congregation has just hired a minister, and it seems like they are the perfect fit. Congratulations! There is one more step to the process, though, and it is just as important as the process of finding the right minister. You might have heard people refer to how the “first hundred days” of someone’s job usually sets the tone for their entire career with that organization. The same is true with ministers. Just as your congregation is going through a major transition, so is your new minister. The first few months of a job are a stressful time, and it is the job of the elders and search committee to help your new minister through their transition.

We refer to this as the “On-Boarding Stage.” Since the “first hundred days” is so important to the rest of a minister’s career with your congregation, we believe this stage is one of the keys to reducing minister turnover in the church. In this post, we want to talk about a few of the things that a new minister needs from their congregation during this transition period. We will refer to them as the ABC’s of the On-Boarding Phase.