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The only search firm focused exclusively on the churches of Christ!


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We partner with your Search Committe to facilitate our Minister Hiring Process™ and develop a deeper candidate pool...
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Arm your committee with the Minister Hiring Process™, the Search Committee Handbook, Training, Workshops, Consulting...
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The forms and letters that bring the Search Committee Handbook and the Minister Hiring Process™ to life and reduce your workload...


Don Viar, MBA, CPA (inactive)
Founder & CEO

Welcome To Minister Match,
The Church of Christ Search Firm!

My name is Don Viar and I founded Minister Match to be THE church of Christ search firm and go to resource for congregations engaged in the minister search process. While serving on a search committee at our home congregation in 2014, I was surprised by the lack of information, training and support available to help church of Christ congregations find, evaluate and hire ministers. In my experience, I discovered several needs:

    • The need for guidance and best practices on how to best conduct the search for new ministers, preachers and evangelists.
    • The need for training amongst elders, deacons, and search committee members on their unique roles in the search process.
    • The need for sample letters, forms, interview questions and other templates to facilitate the search process.
    • Most importantly, we saw the need for some form of an “executive search firm” that could step in and help a congregation conduct a preacher or minister search if needed.

Minister Match fulfills these needs with a spectrum of services designed to fit congregations of every size and budget. Whether it be our full-service Guided Search program or our free self-service training and templates, we can help you in your search.

Thank you for your interest in Minister Match and if I can ever be of service, please don’t hesitate to call upon me.

Yours in Service,


Minister Search Services

Whether you use our Guided Search or our Congregation self-service resouces, we want to help you find the right minister.

Church of Christ Focused

Owned and operated by members of the Churches of Christ exclusively focsed on the staffing needs of the Lord's Church.

Confidence You Can Trust

Confidentiality for the candidate and the congregation is at the core of our process.

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EldersThere is no question that one of the keys to the success of our Minister Hiring Process is the cooperation of a congregation's search committee. These are the folks that are hard at work meeting with each other on a regular basis, making recruiting calls (if taking the Self-Service route), sifting through applications, interviewing candidates both remotely and in person, and ultimately deciding who to move forward in the process. A good search committee is crucial to finding the right minister for your congregation, but what about the elders?

Isn't it the elders who are ultimately supposed to be in charge? When ministers are told, "We just don't think you're the right fit," as the reason for their termination (which is ultimately what Minister Match wants to prevent), isn't it the elders who are making that decision? Some of you may be thinking, "Okay, I get the idea of having a good search committee, but shouldn't the elders have a larger role in this process?" We understand this concern, so we want to take a few minutes in this post to assure you that if your congregation chooses to work with us, your elders will be just as involved as your search committee in finding the "right fit" for your congregation.